Off the needles – Purple sweater for my mum

By no means do I intend to make this a knitting-only blog, however it wouldn’t be very me if I didn’t have a post or two about my biggest hobby, so why not start off with one?

I learnt to knit when I was very young – in Norway they teach it in school, well they used to at least, but I don’t know if they still do, but I had learnt it from either my mum, grandmother, or neighbour. I can’t actually remember, it was a really long time ago!

Anyway, having mastered the basics of cast-on, knit, purl, and cast-off, that was it. I made the odd hat and wrist-warmers, every now and then throughout the years but nothing fancy.

Then, in 2009 I discovered Ravelry. An online community for knitters, packed with yarn, projects, and patterns. There was so much nice stuff on there and I was itching to make something just as nice! I figured I would give something a go, and decided to learn to knit socks.

Long story short, I didn’t actually complete a pair of socks until several years later, but I did manage to make lots of other nice things. Hats, mittens, cardigans, sweaters,  – even Christmas decorations! I was definitely bitten by the knitting bug. Since then knitting has grown in popularity again, both in the UK and in Scandinavia, and I don’t feel like my love for knitting is something I have to hide. (People just used to jokingly say – “oh you knit?  – such a granny thing to do!” all the time before – it gets old!)

sweaterssome of the sweaters I have knitted up over time

 So recently, I have finished a sweater for my mum, which I thought I would show you before I send it off to her.

Mums Mellow 2It’s quite a simple one, but sometimes simplicity is the best! I’ve actually already made two of these before for myself, and I really love them. This one is slightly modified from the pattern and my favourite one yet! I kind of want to keep it to myself to be honest, but it’s too late now. My mum knows it’s finished, and she also paid for the yarn when she asked me to make it for her, so I better hold up my end of the deal.

It’s knitted up in snuggly alpaca yarn in a beautiful purple colour, and constructed really cleverly, with pretty much no seaming required afterwards. I like that! The pattern and yarn is from a Norwegian blog / shop called pickles (you will definitely see more of their designs on here eventually!) and is really easy to follow – even for a beginner!

The main body is knitted in stockinette, and the arms in garter stitch, which gives a nice detail I think.

Mums mellow
This will be packed up and sent to my mum this week, so she can wrap up warm for the autumn. Hopefully she will like it!

That’s it for now – I better stop writing about knitting and actually get to do some – my next item to be complete involves purple stripes and owls! Hoot!



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